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3 Ways To Organize Your Amazon Listing Photos and Start Making Sales

So you want to capture product photography for your amazon product but your just not sure how to market with your new content. How do you decide what order to place your photos in? What combination is best for making sales and lasting customers?

Over the past two years we have created hundreds of listings from pricing as low as $50 up to $2000 for a set of 7 photos. One thing is for sure, there is no formula that will work with every listing and there is certainly no correlation with the price you pay for product photography and how well those photos will covert into sales. So we put this together to give an idea of what type of products might benefit from a specific set of photos.. In this blog we will discuss 5 profitable setups to organize your amazon listing photos and how to split test photos.

1. Basic 5 Photos

This setup is simple but effective. Rather than worrying about expensive infographic and lifestyle photos you keep it cheap but high quality. Capture 5-7 high quality images of your product only on white background. Possibly utilize basic backgrounds like rustic wood or tile to add contrast to your product. This cost effective option works perfectly for products that most customers understand well. Things like tooth brushes, basic phone accessories, or jewelry. The goal is to show the product off at every angle without confusing the customer about the product size or shape.

2. Mixed Lifestyle and White Background

This package steps up a notch staging your product in nice home scenes. Use props that complement the product and grab the users attention. Of course you need at least one main photo for amazon to abide by their listing rules. But after that feel free to fill the rest of your photos in as lifestyle pictures. This type of package is a nice medium price and generally should not cost over $400 unless you want an overly expensive props and scenes. Of course if you want to add the cost of model that is something to evaluate. This type of package works great for products in a highly competitive category. Products such as high end jewelry, watches, clothing, and house ware would benefit here.

3. The Blend Package

This is the package you want if your product has overly complex features or features that stand above the competition. This package involves utilizing graphic design and close up photos to highlight your products features. It also involves showing the product in a lifestyle scene. I suggest a blend of 1 main photo, 2 infographics, 2 lifestyle photos, and two basic white background photos. Models are more necessary here and with added models this package becomes the most expensive type. It is essential when in the highest competition categories or in cases where the customer is having trouble understanding all features of your product or how it works. The product photography here is to the highest quality. Oil diffusers, complex beauty products, bags with many pockets, and other complex items will benefit from this product photography package.

Basic White Background Photo of a Toiletry Bag Captured in Our Studio

This is just the start. There are so many ways to capture your amazon product photography listings to discuss in this article. I think there are three strong packages here to evaluate for many product types. The best thing for you to do is evaluate how competitive the market is for your product and how hard your product is for the potential amazon customer to understand. From there you can decide whether a cheaper white background only package might be best, or a more expensive combination is best.

Thanks for reading and please comment below if you enjoy the content and give us your feedback on if this information is helpful to your amazon store.

Evan Buckallew

B-C Video Photography Creative Director

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