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Do Infographics Really Help My Amazon Listing?

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

In the wild world of Amazon rankings, sellers constantly struggle to stay at the top. Professional product photography is always a strong method of increasing listing traffic and engaging potential customers. However for many products a good graphic designer is key.

Adding infographics to your listing will help take the (already engaged) listing viewer and convert a sale.

For many complex products infographics are key. Basic product photography lacks in detail what infographics can bring to a viewer. Take the photo attached below for example. We created this infographic for an Amazon client that was having issues with potential customers identifying how to charge the product. In this infographic we clearly highlight the location of the charging port, the fact that the battery does not need removed in order to charge, and a few key features that set the product apart from competitors.

An infographic such as this can save your valuable time answering customer inquiries and give yourself an overall higher rating with less customer confusion.

Lets face it, the average Amazon consumer is not the brightest tool in the shed. They need elaborate descriptions to understand what they are buying. Help ease the process and create an overall happy buying experience with infographics!

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This would be perfect for my Amazon listing!

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